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Nata de coco is an ideal food ingredient for many different foods and drinks because of its healthy benefits. Nata de coco tastes good and is also rich in fiber. Nawon has realized the increase in demand for nata de coco in drinks, therefore, we have launched many different nata-de-coco-related beverages such as juice drinks with nata de coco, coffee with nata de coco, etc. Recently, we have added Nata de coco into Coconut Milk. With the trend of plant-based milk, Coconut Milk with Nata de coco is a healthy trending drink. Coconut milk with nata de coco is a super healthy drink with many advantages.


1. Coconut Milk with Nata de coco assists Weight Control and Metabolism:

There is some proof that coconut milk’s MCT fats may help with metabolism, body composition, and weight loss.

In coconut oil, lauric acid makes up about 50%. Given that its chain length and metabolic effects fall in the middle of the two categories, it can be categorized as either a long-chain fatty acid or a medium-chain fatty acid.

MCTs are present in trace concentrations in coconut milk. Although MCTs may speed up metabolism and aid in the reduction of belly fat, coconut milk’s little amounts are unlikely to have a substantial impact on weight loss.

2. Coconut Milk with Nata de coco supports Heart Health:

People may ask if coconut milk is a heart-healthy option because of how much-saturated fat it contains.

Although there isn’t much research on coconut milk specifically, one study makes the case that it may be advantageous for those with normal or high cholesterol levels.

Coconut milk porridge reduced “bad” LDL cholesterol more than soy milk porridge, according to an eight-week trial involving 60 males. Porridge with coconut milk increased “good” HDL cholesterol by 18% as well, compared to only 3% with soy.

Consuming coconuts lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels overall. When “bad” LDL cholesterol rises, “good” HDL cholesterol usually follows suit.

3. Coconut Milk with Nata de coco enriches in Fiber:

Due to the high fiber content of nata de coco, it may even aid in the success of a diet. It is advised to incorporate nata de coco in your diet because its fiber content absorbs carbs.

4. Coconut Milk with Nata de Coco glows skin and hair:

The usage of coconut milk as a conditioning treatment for healthy hair has recently grown in favor. Its high-fat content functions as a moisture-retention sealant. Coconut milk can be applied to the scalp to lessen dandruff and itching. This is because lauric acid, which has antibacterial and antifungal effects, is included in it. When administered topically to the skin, coconut milk aids in maintaining the skin’s suppleness. This significantly slows down the creation of wrinkles, making you look younger. It is claimed that its antimicrobial characteristics help prevent acne. These days, women all over the world use this lotion to remove their makeup.

5. Coconut Milk with Nata de Coco has anti-inflammatory qualities:

Joint discomfort and inflammation can be reduced with coconut milk. It’s well known that sugar causes inflammation. For people with autoimmune inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus arthritis, substituting it for coconut milk as a sweetener can have astonishing results.

6. Coconut Milk with Nata de Coco Encourages digestive health:

For those who are lactose intolerant, coconut milk is a healthful alternative. The mineral zinc, which is also present, helps to regenerate the cells that line the gut wall. This lessens the likelihood of diarrhea by preventing the transfer of dangerous germs from the intestinal lumen into the blood.


Understanding the market’s need and the industry trend, Nawon has launched Coconut milk with Nata de coco. Plant-based milk that is made from the ideal ratio of coconut milk and coconut water, with the addition of Nata de coco to maximize the mouthwatering flavor when drinking and chewing. Nawon Coconut Milk with Nata de coco is available in 8 flavors: original, banana, chocolate, coffee, mango, melon, pineapple, and strawberry, packed in 485ML glass bottle. Our Coconut Milk with Nata de coco is Gluten-free, Lactose-free. We also do OEM/ODM, and we also offer FREE SAMPLE.

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