How to make an order from Nawon Beverage Supplier

Here is the instruction to make an wholesale order or Private label/OEM/ODM beverage from Nawon. Feel free to contact us if you need any kind of help.

Step 1: Make a purchase.

Select the item you want to buy -> Enter information in the form: Submit a purchase request -> Click the button below

Step 2: Our staff will contact you as soon as we receive your request

Contact phone: 1900 633534 or hotline 008497 308 5499


Best regards!


Before making a purchase

  • Customers will receive enthusiastic support 24/7 from a team of young, enthusiastic, and highly qualified staff.
  • We have a team of market research experts. Therefore, we will always provide a variety of products to suit the needs of our customers, and give the best advice for your business.
  • We firmly provide our customers with the most attractive and modern designs appropriate for any market, thanks to a powerful marketing staff. We can also help you with your brand’s logo design.

After you’ve made your purchase

  • Customers will be given the best possible service in accordance with the company strategy such as delivery date, logistic service, marketing tools, and so on.
  • Nawon will assist clients in creating excellent banners and advertising posters.
  • At the same time, if clients want it, Nawon will assist in the recording of films about products, as well as fruit gardens and the manufacturing process.

Nawon’s after-sale service

  • Nawon recognizes that consumers require time to penetrate the market, and that product creation takes time. As a result, Nawon makes every effort to maintain the price stabilization policy for you for as long as feasible, ensuring that the price remains steady for at least one year.
  • If there is a price adjustment, Nawon will balance it out and notify consumers three months in advance.
  • Nawon is devoted to maintaining the quality that the two parties have agreed upon; our quality control and quality assurance teams work with the utmost responsibility and spirit to guarantee that consumers receive the finest goods possible.
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