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Reasons to buy Nawon’s Nata de coco juice product

There are some reasons why Nawon Nata de Coco Drink has been famous and gained a good reputation when it was launched in the world.

Make from fresh fruit juice

Our Nata de Coco drink perfectly combines real fruit juice and Nata de Coco. This makes our products stand out from the market. Since we launched the Nata de Coco drink, we have received positive feedback from our valued customers, and the return rate of this product has been very high.

Nawon Nata de Coco Drink has been launched in many international supermarkets thanks to quality and product quality control. Our product quality control is estimated by BRCGS standards – the highest standard for food and drink in many Western countries. Besides, some customers and supermarket chains also require SMETA certificates, and Nawon has also gained the certificates, which proves that Nawon products meet the strictest standards in many strictest markets.

Always available for suppliers

As the leading beverage manufacturer with a large production capacity, Nawon Nata de Coco Drink is always available. Besides, Nawon has reached economies of scale so that we could provide a large quantity of Nata de coco Drink quickly and at the best wholesale price.

The variety of drink flavors

With the market’s high demand, Nawon has currently created 15 different flavors of Nata de Coco juice. The variety of flavors may suit various customers’ tastes. In other markets, customers have many choices for their business. In addition, Nawon is suitable for every age.

No MOQ when it comes to the Nawon brand

When purchasing, Nawon does not provide MOQ to customers. Additionally, customers can mix different flavors in one carton when importing our products. This policy may benefit small retailers/wholesalers/importers who want to sell our products. Nawon Nata de Coco drinks have developed a reputation for quality.

The best wholesale price

Because of reaching the economics of scale, Nawon offers the Nata de Coco Drink at the best wholesale price. The more you order, the cheaper price you will get. For wholesalers/ retailers/ importers, purchasing products at wholesale prices is a plus for gaining profit for their business.

Additional gifts and services when customers purchase

As our customers who purchase the Nawon brand, you may receive exclusive gifts and services. When purchasing our products, you will receive Nawon souvenirs such as T-shirts, hats, etc., and marketing services such as poster/ banner design and marketing support services.

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We understand our customers’ needs and want to support their businesses, so we always try to provide the best quality products and services because we prioritize their success. If you have any questions or demands about Nawon’s Nata de coco products, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

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