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15 Best Instant Coffee Brands around the world – 2023 Update

best instant coffee brand

It cannot be denied that instant coffee brings us many benefits. Save more time on busy mornings or picnics where you don’t have all the necessary items to make a cup of drip coffee. However, not all instant coffee has the same delicious flavor as roasted and ground coffee. Some of them leave us with an unpleasant aftertaste after enjoying them.

What is the best instant coffee – indeed, most of us agree that the best instant coffee is the coffee with a flavor closest to roasted and ground coffee. However, in reality, everyone has a different taste. Some people like to enjoy strong coffee and light coffee with less caffeine. Therefore, choosing the best instant coffee brands will not be based on their taste. Below, Nawon will suggest the 15 best instant coffee brands based on brand popularity, search traffic, and customer reviews on online shopping platforms. See if this list includes any brands of instant coffee you often drink.

best instant coffee brand

Here is the 15 best instant coffee brands list:

1. Caffè Lavazza

Lavazza is a famous Italian coffee brand that offers a variety of coffee products, including instant coffee. They use high-quality coffee beans in their products. Instant coffee is made from a blend of carefully selected beans to ensure a rich and delicious flavor. Lavazza is a long-standing brand with a strong foothold in the coffee industry in Europe and worldwide. Their commitment to quality and environmental responsibility includes the use of biodegradable materials. Help consumers enjoy delicious cups of coffee without worrying about their environmental impact.

lavazza instant coffee


2. Mount Hagen

Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee, selected from the highest quality coffee beans, bringing richness and natural flavor. This brand is the first brand of coffee in the world that meets bioorganic standards. Mount Hagen is USDA-certified for 100% organic products. The processing and packaging process does not use any additives or preservatives. Mount Hagen’s raw coffee source is cultivated in primitive mountainous areas in Papua New Guinea, completely isolated from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Mount Hagen instant coffee is processed and made with the world’s most advanced technology, helping reduce the health risks that regular coffee users are susceptible to.


mount hagen instant coffee

3. Nescafé

Nescafé is a global brand of instant coffee produced by Nestlé. Along with developing communication and marketing, innovative business strategies, and quality products, Nescafe instant coffee has become the most popular coffee brand in many countries worldwide. Nescafe provides various instant coffee products, from crystals to powder combined with milk cream, from whole arabica and robusta beans to unique blends. Helps consumers have a variety of choices depending on their preferences. nescafe instant coffee

4. Trung Nguyen Legend – G7 coffee

The brand comes from the country with the second-largest coffee export output globally – Vietnam. The G7 instant coffee is the best Vietnamese instant coffee brand of Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe Group. With roasting and processing technology in Buon Ma Thuot and the control center in Germany – Trung Nguyen uniquely possesses dual European technology and Trung Nguyen’s uncopyable secret to creating instant coffee. G7 is genuine, fragrant, delicious, and good quality. 

trung nguyen legend instant coffee

5. Maxwell House

Maxwell House Instant Coffee offers a consistently delightful flavor until the last sip. This classic roast is exceptionally smooth, providing a perfect indulgence for any time of the day. The custom-roasted instant ground coffee delivers a full-bodied, smooth flavor for that timeless taste. Prepare a quick, on-the-go coffee drink by blending hot water with this Kosher coffee mix—no need for a brewer.

Maxwell House’s instant coffee comes in various packaging, ensuring the flavor is preserved and convenient in use. Whether you prefer lively light roasts or rich, full-bodied dark blends, Maxwell House’s signature taste has been meticulously crafted through a process that’s been done not the easy way but the right way for 125 years.

maxwellhouse instant coffee

6. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s 100% Colombian Instant Coffee is a powerful and “world-shaking” instant coffee – Trader Joe’s best instant coffee. Trader Joe’s instant coffee production process is entirely closed, from cultivation to finished product. Trader Joe’s beans are grown, harvested, roasted, and packaged by a Colombian supplier who only supplies them. The modern business language calls this type of activity vertical integration. While many instant coffees on the market are freeze-dried, Trader Joe’s 100% Colombian Instant Coffee is agglomerated, literally “formed into a ball,” making the coffee incredibly soluble. surprised; A spoonful of coffee dissolves quickly and easily into a cup of hot water to give you a taste almost like a cup of roasted coffee dripped from a filter.

traderjoe instant coffee

7. Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez Café is a multinational coffeehouse chain based in Colombia specializing in coffee retail. Its purpose is to become a worldwide coffee restaurant business member and promote Colombian coffee. It was created by Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers through Procafecol S.A.; the latter being a company established in 2002. It was named after Juan Valdez, a fictional character meant to promote Colombian-grown coffee. (Wikipedia).

Juan Valdez instant coffee is a sophisticated blend of Colombian coffee beans with a rich and expressive flavor. Juan Valdez Classic freeze-dried instant coffee is created using 100% premium Arabica coffee beans that are hand-picked from the blend. Cumbre premium case. Juan Valdez freeze-dried coffee is dehydrated at low temperatures, helping instant coffee maintain a stable, long-term flavor

juanz vadez instant coffee

8. Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo‘s instant espresso has a highly consistent flavor and aroma. Bustelo customers describe the flavor as “vegetal,” but other tasters noticed a distinct soy sauce taste in every sip. It’s hard to compare a cup of Cafe Bustelo instant espresso and a cup of coffee made from real coffee beans – meaning the taste of Bustelo instant coffee is almost as good as a roasted espresso. The coffee is thin and weak if you brew it according to the recipe instructions. If you want it to be more strong, increase the instant coffee powder in your cup. In general, Bustelo is very suitable for those who enjoy light coffee

bustelo instant coffee

9. Maxxim

Maxim is the best Korean instant coffee brand. They have many flavors, but Maxim Mocha Gold Mild is the most popular. Maxim instant coffee is light and packaged in convenient small packages, but the serving size is quite small; you can use 2-3 packs for your 1 cup of coffee. This is a minus because it makes more waste.

The taste of Maxim instant coffee is not too strong but gentle and mellow. It’s the perfect balance of coffee, cream and sugar. Maxim is the most popular instant coffee brand in Korea and is exported to many other countries…

best korean instant coffee brand

10. Starbucks

The famous global coffee brand offers a variety of instant coffee products with beautiful packaging. Starbucks’s Via Instant Coffee Dark Roast line is for guests who like the initial bitterness and lasting sweetness after each sip. Starbucks Via Instant coffee contains some ground coffee so you may also notice some grit or residue in your cup. But testers familiar with Starbucks coffee said it tasted just like coffee. Try Starbucks’ instant coffee latte line if you like sweetness and creaminess.

starbucks instant coffee

11. Vinacafe

Another best instant coffee brands from Vietnam – after Trung NguyenLegend, Vinacafe Bien Hoa cafe. Initially, Ninacafe was only produced to serve the needs of the Vietnamese domestic market. However, thanks to consumers’ love, Nescafe has quickly spread worldwide, especially in places where the Vietnamese community lives.

Vinacfe instant coffee has a bold and robust flavor that is true to the taste of Vietnamese people. So, for those who like to drink strong coffee, Vinacafe instant coffee is worth trying. Packed in convenient small bags, you can take the coffee package anywhere, to work or on a picnic.

vinacafe instant coffee

12. Death wish

This type of coffee has a bold and strong style from the packaging design to the coffee. Sourced from the highest-quality, USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans in the world to bring you a naturally caffeinated instant coffee so you can be fueled and focused instantly.  

 The taste of Death Wish instant coffee is described as a rocket launching into space, helping you feel increased concentration and alertness. Some people who drink light coffee may feel dizzy if they enjoy it for the first time. Many people recommend that you try Death Wish instant coffee with sugar or milk to reduce the harsh taste of the coffee.

deathwish instant coffee

13. Folgers

Folgers offers a variety of instant coffee products, providing options for different flavor preferences. Popular types include Classic Roast and Decaf. Folgers instant coffee is usually available in jars or boxes containing coffee beans. The packaging is designed to keep the coffee fresh and easy to scoop out.

Although individual taste preferences vary, Folgers Instant Coffee is generally appreciated for its consistent flavor and familiarity. It aims to provide a classic coffee taste that is enjoyed by many people. And especially the economical value compared to other coffee products of the same type.

folgers instant coffee

14. Medaglia D’Oro

Luxurious and classy like Italian style – Medaglia D’Oro instant coffee brand. This is a brand known for its Italian-style espresso, and it also offers instant coffee products. Medaglia D’Oro is often associated with Italian heritage and espresso-style coffee. This brand is famous for providing a rich and rich coffee experience.

The flavor of Medaglia D’Oro Instant Coffee is often described as rich and the quality is truly excellent. It’s well worth its quite high price. 

Medaglia_D__Oro Instant Espresso Coffee

15. Elite 

Elite Instant Coffee is a powdered instant coffee with a mild flavor, made from selected coffee beans roasted in a unique manufacturing process that preserves the familiar sweetness of the favorite Israeli coffee. 100% pure instant coffee is made in small batches to always get the freshest-tasting coffee.

elite instant coffee

Final Thoughts

Above is a list of the 15 best instant coffee brands worldwide. However, there are still many instant coffee brands that Nawon did not mention as this article is quite long. These are just a few suggestions that you can refer to. The instant coffee market has grown to meet the needs of consumers with diverse preferences and habits. From rich and powerful blends to nuanced and distinctive products, each brand on this list offers something unique. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or looking for a comforting morning routine, there are plenty of options. As the instant coffee market continues to innovate, we can anticipate further exciting developments, ensuring that coffee enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy their favorite coffee. them conveniently and satisfactorily.


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