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Top 5 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands You Must Try

best Vietnamese Coffee brand

The Vietnamese coffee brand attracts consumers because of its rich flavor and coffee bean quality, which is always among the world’s top sources of quality coffee. Vietnamese brand coffee is not only famous domestically but is gradually spreading around the world. If you want to try Vietnamese coffee, Nawon recommends the following brands. Including ground and instant coffee brands, or if you travel to Vietnam to enjoy coffee at the shop. Take advantage of these 7 famous Vietnamese coffee brands.

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best Vietnamese Coffee brand

Why you should try Vietnamese coffee brand

Vietnamese coffee is dark-roasted coffee made with Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans. It brings a unique, rich, smooth flavor that attracts many coffee enthusiasts. Not only that, you will want to try Vietnamese coffee because:

Distinct flavor

 Vietnamese coffee is known for its unique and bold flavor, often attributed to robusta beans and traditional brewing methods. Consider trying different brands to explore the diverse flavor profiles they offer.

Cultural significance

 Vietnamese coffee is deeply embedded in the country’s culture. Trying different brands allows you to experience the cultural significance of coffee in Vietnam and understand how it is enjoyed in various regions.

vietnamese coffee culture

Brewing techniques

 The use of the phin filter and other traditional brewing techniques contributes to the character of Vietnamese coffee. Different brands may have their variations in brewing, impacting the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Ethical and sustainable practices

 Some Vietnamese coffee brands prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, such as fair trade and environmentally friendly sourcing. Consider choosing brands that align with your values and support responsible coffee production.

Diverse product range

Vietnamese coffee brands offer a diverse range of products, from traditional ground coffee to instant coffee and specialty blends such as egg coffee, avocado coffee, coconut coffee… Exploring this variety allows you to find the type of coffee that best suits your tastes.

5+ Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands

#1 Trung Nguyên

Trung Nguyen – the best Vietnamese coffee brand, a celebrated Vietnamese coffee brand founded in 1996 by Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, has become a coffee icon both locally and globally. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Trung Nguyen embraces Vietnam’s unique coffee culture, offering iconic brews like Vietnamese drip coffee.

Renowned for its distinct coffee blends, Trung Nguyen skillfully combines Robusta and Arabica beans to create a unique flavor profile, blending robust strength with aromatic subtleties. With a wide range of products, from traditional ground coffee to instant mixes, the brand caters to diverse tastes.

Trung Nguyen’s global presence extends to countries like the US and China, with its instant coffee G7, global coffee shop Trung Nguyên Legend, ground coffee – Trung Nguyen and Trung Nguyen Legend brands gaining popularity on international platforms. Beyond products, Trung Nguyen enriches the coffee experience through its inviting coffee houses, bringing the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee to customers worldwide.

trung nguyen best vietnamese coffee brand

#2 Vinacafe

VinaCafe is a long-standing Vietnamese coffee production and processing enterprise. Vinacafé Bien Hoa’s predecessor was Coronel Coffee Factory, established in 1969 with a design capacity of 80 tons of instant coffee/per year with the entire machinery and equipment system imported from Germany. In 1975, Coronel Coffee Factory was renamed Bien Hoa Coffee Factory. Vina Cafe’s product lines focus on manufacturing and exporting worldwide.

This brand offers a variety of coffee products, including traditional ground coffee, instant coffee, and other coffee-related products. They cater to different tastes and preferences, both in Vietnam and abroad. VinaCafe has made its mark on the global coffee market with products available in many countries worldwide.

With the brand identity of an eye-catching yellow 3-in-1 instant coffee package, without being too complicated and modern, this coffee package has accompanied many generations of Vietnamese people. It will expand to the whole world in the future.


#3 Highland

Highland is a Vietnamese coffee brand that is among the TOP of the most famous coffee brands today and is trusted by many users. This is a coffee brand founded by overseas Vietnamese David Thai, who wants to bring the taste of coffee from his homeland to friends worldwide. In 2002, a coffee shop with the foreign name Highlands Coffee was born.

Since its launch, Highlands Coffee has attracted many customers because of its product quality and luxurious and sophisticated space. With continuous development, the number of Highlands Coffee stores is nearly 700 in Vietnam and more than 50 in the Philippines as of September 2023. Highlands coffee products are in the Philippines, USA, Canada, China, Czech, Malaysia, Maldives, UK, and more.

highland coffee

Although the price of the product is a bit high compared to the general level, the product quality says it all, so Highlands Coffee attracts a large number of customers every day. This also proves the popularity of this coffee brand in the Vietnamese market.

The plus point of Highlands Coffee is that they always use the manual coffee classification method to select the best quality coffee beans, roast them fresh every day, and bring customers the most selective quality coffee cups. The Highlands Coffee brand is loved thanks to its wonderful space and outstanding products

#4 Phúc Long Coffee and Tea

Phuc Long was established in 1968 in the Bao Loc tea plateau. In the 80s, the company opened its first 3 stores in Ho Chi Minh City on Le Van Sy, Tran Hung Dao, and Mac Thi Buoi streets to introduce pure Vietnamese tea and coffee products to domestic and foreign customers. international. This famous beverage company now owns a chain of combined tea and coffee shops nationwide and abroad.

Phuc Long has worked hard to make coffee over the past 50 years. Few people know that coffee processing always requires exceptionally high precision. The entire processing chain, from growing to pest control to harvesting, processing and transport, roasting, packaging, and finally, a delicious cup of coffee, can be affected by any number of factors. Which components are omitted?

Phuc Long is not only famous for its teas but also for its rich, passionate coffee flavor. Due to its unique aroma, Phuc Long coffee is often popular. Phuc Long is expanding in the international market, contributing to consolidating and enhancing the position of Vietnamese coffee on the global map.

phuclong best vietnames coffee

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#5 Mê Trang


Mê Trang – The two words Me Trang can be explained as the word “Me” of Buon Me Thuot and the word “Trang” of Nha Trang to create. It is a coffee brand that consumers choose when they want to sip every drop of delicious coffee. Me Trang coffee represents sophistication and determination, with the desire to create a class for Vietnamese coffee.

Me Trang coffee brand has 9 different main types of products, processed in a modern factory, with main ingredients from the coffee growing land of Hoa Thang, Dak Lak. In addition, purchasing raw materials carefully and accepting prices 30% higher than the market to ensure input materials is what Me Trang is doing so that a cup of Me Trang coffee can ensure all 670 original product aromas. coffee beans.

Other best Vietnamese coffee brand

  • The coffee house
  • Viet Coffee
  • King Coffee
  • Laviet
  • Weasel Coffee

If you are starting to discover Vietnamese coffee, check out the top 5 Vietnamese coffee brands above. From the solid earthy notes of traditional blends to artisanal and innovative creations, this carefully curated list showcases Vietnam’s best coffees.

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