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Discover the Astonishing Bird Nest Drink Benefits for Your Health

edible bird nest drink

In the world of culinary treasures, bird nest drink is truly a gem. For centuries, this delicacy has captivated the hearts and palates of many. Often revered for its unique flavor and sumptuous texture, it’s not just the culinary world that’s taking note. Bird’s nest drink, made from the solidified saliva of swiftlets, boasts a myriad of potential health benefits that go beyond its culinary allure.

What is edible bird nest 

Edible bird’s nests are a highly prized and expensive food product, particularly in some Asian countries. They are made from the solidified saliva of swiftlets, which are small, swift-flying birds found in parts of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These birds use their saliva to build their nests, which they attach to the walls of caves or similar structures.

The nests are composed of a complex matrix of proteins and other substances produced by the bird’s salivary glands. Once the nests are harvested, they are typically cleaned and processed for consumption.

edible bird nest 

Edible bird’s nests are highly valued in traditional Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine, especially in dishes like bird’s nest soup. The nests are believed to have various health benefits and are considered a delicacy. They are often used in soups, desserts, drinks and other dishes, and they are considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck in some cultures.

Due to their high cost and the environmental impact of harvesting them, there have been efforts to regulate and promote sustainable harvesting practices for edible bird’s nests. In some cases, artificial or farmed nests are produced to reduce the pressure on wild swiftlet populations.

What is bird nest drink

Bird’s nest drink, often referred to as bird’s nest soup or bird’s nest beverage, is a traditional Asian delicacy made from edible bird’s nests and other ingredients such as bone broth, rock sugar, collagen, vitamin…etc.

Bird nest drinks can come in various forms, and the most common types include:

Bird’s Nest Soup

This is a savory soup made by simmering bird’s nests with chicken or vegetable broth and other ingredients like mushrooms, ginger, and sometimes even chicken or seafood. It is considered a delicacy and is often served in Asian restaurants and on special occasions.

Bird’s Nest Dessert

Some birds nest drinks are sweet and dessert-like, often served cold. These beverages might include sweetened bird’s nest pieces, fruit, or syrup. They are popular as refreshing and nourishing treats, especially in hot weather.

Bird’s Nest Beverage

Some bird nest drinks are ready-to-drink beverages available in bottles or cans. These commercially produced drinks may contain small pieces of edible bird’s nest, along with added flavors, sweeteners, and sometimes other ingredients like collagen or vitamins.

bird nest drin

Bird nest drink benefits

Bird’s nest drinks are highly sought after for their potential health benefits, which are believed to include promoting skin health, enhancing the immune system, and providing nutrients. They are also considered a status symbol and are often served at banquets and celebrations.

Effective in curing some diseases

Traditional Asian medicine believes that bird’s nest acts as a remedy for diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma and stomach problems.

It is also said that edible bird’s nest can improve sexual desire, boost immune function, boost energy and metabolism, and stimulate circulation. ( According to National Library of Medicin )

Skin health

With threonine, one of the important ingredients that helps improve skin and reduce the aging process thanks to its ability to form elastine and collagen. Drinking bird’s nest water regularly you will feel the changes in your skin, tissues and muscles will be restored, your skin will be smooth and your figure will also be more balanced.

Increase bone strength

Calcium and Phenylalanine contained in bird’s nest water help vitamin D to be synthesized effectively. These are also two types of substances that support and protect the bone and joint system to stay strong and healthy. Bone and joint problems will gradually improve if you regularly use this food.

Brain health

Ingredients such as chromium and selenium have a sedative effect, calming nervous tension, making you feel more comfortable. In addition, substances such as the amino acid Phenylalanine help the brain function better thanks to its ability to transmit nerve impulses effectively.

Certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury and stroke are all linked to cognitive decline, and research shows they are effective against neurodegenerative diseases related to oxidative stress – which is when free radicals Pathogenic molecules damage the body’s cells by changing their chemical structure, which can lead to a series of adverse health effects. However, more research is still needed on the effects of bird’s nest on nerve protection and brain health.

bird nest drink benefit

Support immune system

Bird’s nest contains proteins that can accelerate the process of creating B cells, helping to strengthen the immune system. Besides, some compounds capable of hindering influenza viruses are also found in bird’s nests.

In addition, bird’s nest ingredients can kill developing cancer cells. However, the ingredients with anti-cancer properties in bird’s nest have not yet been discovered.

Supports eye health

The results of a 2011 study by the Department of Anatomy at the National University of Malaysia showed that rabbits injected with birds nest serum were able to produce more fibroblasts than the rest. They keep the cornea healthy after injury or disease. This is convincing evidence showing the effects of bird’s nest on vision.

Of the 20 types of amino acids sought by humans, 18 types of amino acids are found in bird’s nest. The human body requires 9 essential amino acids for tissue growth and repair. The effects of birds drink nest are said to aid in corneal tissue repair and maintain proper function by increasing cell regeneration.

Helps improve digestion

People with poor digestive systems, especially those recovering from illness and children, can eat bird’s nest to improve their digestive system. These subjects need nourishment but have difficulty absorbing nutrients. In particular, bird’s nest is an easily digestible food that provides many nutrients, so it will help sick people recover faster.

Supports postpartum health recovery

 Pregnant women who eat bird’s nest can recover faster after giving birth, while reducing hair loss and giving birth to children with healthier skin. To improve postpartum health, women can eat bird’s nest to have more energy, sleep better and feel full of vitality.

Support children’s health

Bird’s nest contains lysine and phenylalanine to help increase absorption, support strong bones and enhance baby’s memory. In addition, eating bird’s nest also helps children develop comprehensively, overcoming anorexia and malnutrition.

Top 5 best bird’s nest drink brand

Thanks to its great benefits, bird’s nest water is often considered a functional drink, not a regular drink. The authenticity and quality of bird’s nest products can vary widely, and the price can be quite high for premium, genuine bird’s nests. Does bird nest drink really contain bird’s nest? This depends on the brand of birds nest drink. Be a wise consumer when choosing products that support your health. Refering to the top 5 best bird’s nest drink brands that Nawon suggests below to be able to choose bird’s nest water that actually contains bird’s nest, which is really beneficial for health.

Eu Yan Sang bird’s nest drink

A Singapore-based company with a long history in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal products, offering bird’s nest beverages and supplements.


Golden Nest

 A well-regarded American brand known for bird’s nest snacks and drinks.

golden nest drink

BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest

Brand’s is a health care food brand with long historical roots. Brand’s brings natural health and beauty products to create products that give users a healthy, beautiful future through modern scientific and technical research.

Bird nest rock sugar

Sanest Khanh Hoa

Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest Company is one of the leading units in Southeast Asia in scientific research on the growth of bird’s nest populations and the quality of bird nest Vietnam, based on the experience of the traditional profession. The system has a long history. The company always focuses on public health care and wants to bring nutritious bird’s nest products to global consumers.

yen sao khanh hoa

Nawon Bird Nest Drink

Nawon is a leader in the production of beverages. Established in 2018, Nawon’s products have been present in more than 90 countries and regions so far. In particular, Nawon’s products have met the strictest standards of developed countries such as the US, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, UK, Korea, Singapore, etc.

nawon bird nest drink

The bottom line

Hopefully, through this article, you have got useful information about the benefits of bird nest drink, and every time you are looking for a quality and safe bird nest drink brand.

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