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Sports beverages are predicted to grow steadily in 2021 and NAWON products.


Many normal fitness-conscious consumers were likely compelled to find ways to maintain exercise and wellbeing from home as 2020 brought a year of shuttered gyms, parks, and more. As a result, customers began demanding beverage options that could improve their health in the midst of a health-challenging year in 2020, which had already been on the rise in previous years.

The sports and performance drink market epitomized this trend with its stimulating, hydrating, and reparative properties. According to data from Information Resources Inc. (IRI), Chicago, the overall sports drinks category expanded by 15.6 percent in total U.S. multi-outlets for the 52 weeks ending May 16, totaling more than $8.3 billion. Non-aseptic sports drinks, the company’s most profitable business, grew 15.2 percent to $8.2 billion in revenue over the same time period. For the same time period, aseptic sports drinks climbed by 64.8 percent, while sports drink mixes grew by 42.9 percent.

Despite the fact that the pandemic posed a difficulty for many beverage categories, it appears to have created an opportunity for sports and performance drinks. According to Mintel’s January 2021 “Health Management Trends – US,” 39 percent of adults reported that keeping their exercise routines has become a larger priority as a result of COVID-19. Furthermore, when the pandemic initially broke out and people began stocking up on supplies, many chose sports and performance beverages, according to Mintel.

According to Mintel’s analysis, beverage brands can attain a greater range of health and wellness advantages by adding function to sports and protein drinks, hence appealing to a diverse spectrum of consumers. This could help marketers appeal to consumers who are looking for health benefits in their beverages, which is typically the case with sports drinks.

“As people become more health conscious, consumer interest in functional beverages is increasing – by 11% in 2020,” he said. “Today’s consumers demand more than simply wonderful taste and hydration from their beverages; they want health advantages as well. Functional drinks with specific goals, such as sports and protein drinks, are examples of this. Furthermore, consumers want these drinks to provide more than simply recuperation and hydration to boost total physical performance; they also expect them to improve mental focus.”

In the coming year, interest in cognitive health is expected to expand by roughly 12%, according to Spoonshot.

“Cognitive health is gaining traction among athletes and sportspersons to aid in faster decision-making and concentrate for improved sporting performance,” Vasani said. “As a result, such functions will grow more popular among mainstream sports and protein drink consumers.”

Entries into the category, Nawon has created many energy drinks and isotonic drinks in order to provide our valued customers with many diversified flavors. These drinks are beyond hydration during doing exercise or working out. NAWON energy and isotonic drinks provide vital nutrients for various active lifestyles, including herbs, vitamins and minerals, adaptogens, and more.

There are total of 10 production lines: 4 aluminum can lines, 3 PET bottle lines, 2 Glass bottle lines, and 1 PP bottle line. All these 10 production lines are equipped with modern technologies to ensure the best quality products. Such products can be mentioned as: fruit juice, coconut water, aloe vera drink, coconut milk, energy drink, etc.

Production capacity: Nawon has a total of more than 500 employees including production staff and office staff. All production staff is thoroughly trained in food hygiene and safety plus knowledge of production hazards. So will meet the highest quality standards of customers. Sales staff have solid customer service so that they can provide customers with the best consulting service. Ensure the highest satisfaction from customers.


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