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2021 biggest concern of customers during COVID-19: Shipping and cost.


NAWON has realized that one of the biggest concerns of our Valued customers is related to freight during the historic shock of COVID-19. Understanding our customers and putting a lot of effort to solve the problem with the best service, today let us meet Judy – our dedicated and experienced staff at Export Department at NAWON Beverage. She will give us the insight of the situation of freight cost during the COVID-19 pandemic and how NAWON support customers in term of shipping cost.

  1. Hello Judy, could you please tell us about how the freight situation in the COVID-19?

    Right from the first quarter of 2020, the shipping market faced many difficulties due to the prolonged social distancing period to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

    When the Covid-19 epidemic spread around the world, countries blocked borders and seaports, goods became scarce, and low freight rates persisted.

    Issues that have arisen since the beginning of the pandemic include imbalances in production and demand for goods, with countries closing and opening at different times, as well as transportation companies. Sea cuts capacity on major shipping lanes and lacks empty containers.

    Entering the fourth quarter of 2020 until now, countries have reopened, the demand for goods has increased, accompanied by a shortage of empty containers by shipping lines, along with increasing congestion and disruption. more serious has pushed freight rates to record highs. Container freight rates have increased four to eight times the pre-epidemic level.

    In the near term, rates are likely to rocket due to a combination of further increased demand and the limitations of the still-congested system. And even if capacity restrictions are eased, freight rates are likely to remain higher than they were before the pandemic.


  2. How NAWON assist customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    NAWON is always looking for and using freight forwarding services of large forwarders who have good relationships with shipping lines. Because there is a large and frequent volume of goods every day, the freight rates obtained from the shipping lines will be better. Cooperating with specialized and reputable forwarders to ensure that the goods will reach customers quickly, smoothly, and without incurring any additional fees.

    Located in a tropical climate area, Vietnam is known for its unique fruits such as: coconut, aloe vera, mango, pineapple, passion fruit, lychee, logan, guava, rambutan, mangosteen, tamarind, etc. They not only have a distinctive taste but also offer man amazing health benefits. That is why these fruits are very popular in other countries around the world. In addition to exporting fresh fruit, beverage businesses in Vietnam also take advantage of abundant raw materials to make amazing drinks.

    NAWON is a leader in the production of fresh tropical fruit products. Established in 2018, Nawon’s products have been present in more than 90 countries and regions so far. In particular, NAWON’s products have met the strictest standards of developed countries such as the US, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, UK, Korea, Singapore, etc.

    To meet the market’s increasing requirements for product quality, Nawon has applied the most modern production technologies. In addition to focusing on product quality, attentive sales staff will provide customers with the best services. The common goal is to make Nawon’s products more and more known in other countries around the globe.

    With those premises, combined with the continuous efforts of all company employees, Nawon will become a global brand in the long-term vision of the company’s leaders.

    There are total 10 production lines: 4 aluminum can lines, 3 PET bottle lines, 2 Glass bottle lines and 1 PP bottle line. All these 10 production lines are equipped with modern technologies to ensure the best quality products. Such products can be mentioned as: fruit juice, coconut water, aloe vera drink, coconut milk, energy drink, etc.

    Production capacity: Nawon has a total of more than 500 employees including production staff and office staff. All production staff are thoroughly trained in food hygiene and safety plus knowledge of production hazards. So will meet the highest quality standards of customers. Sales staff have solid customer service so that they can provide customers with the best consulting service. Ensure the highest satisfaction from customers.

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