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Ho-ho! The holiday season is coming to all of us!

What would you expect for your Christmas?

As a thank to our customers who trust us and be with us for the whole year 2021, NAWON has launched a BIG SALE in the Christmas season for all valued customers. This is the Biggest Promotion of the year with a Special offer lasting from 20.11.2021 to 24.12.2021. The Christmas sale applies to all NAWON products.


As the biggest promotion of a year, NAWON F&B introduces the Big Sale with Lucky number including 24.12.2021 as follows:

For each 2021-carton order gets FREE 24 cartons.

Support $24 for each $2021 shipping cost.

Bonus: Personalized Gifts from our Sales team.

This is a chance for you to get more margins for your purchase. The larger your order is, the bigger promotion you get. Do not miss this chance to purchase our high-quality products and reserve them for your business.

This sale does not apply to only NAWON brand but also to OEM/ODM services. Don’t forget we have some special policies for our OEM/ODM services. During this Christmas seasons, you would be benefit from both our the MEGA XMAS SALE in 2021 from us and the policy for OEM/ODM such as free design label, free sample, special price for new customers.

To get the biggest promotion from us, you could fill the form available on our Website:

Or you could visit our Landing Page:

Our ALIBABA store: NAWON store


Hotline: 0084973085499.

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