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Since May 2021, the pandemic in Vietnam has been more and more serious. Although Nawon copes up with many difficulties, we still offer customers the best products and services. ​Mr. Nolan, Sales Manager of Nawon F&B, has launched a promotion campaign to support customers during Pandemic time.

How Nawon understands the difficulties of customers

Mr. Nolan expressed: “With the constantly increasing of the pandemic, millions of companies around the world face difficulties, including Nawon’s customers. The first barrier is that sales volume is mostly affected. In addition, the goods stuck in Ho Chi Minh port and others, which leads to lack of empty containers, the shipping cost to America, Africa, and Europe is increasing rapidly. Some ports are even higher than 10 thousand US dollars. Several customers can’t afford the extremely high cost of the shipping, they choose to delay the shipment. But this is not the long-time solution.”

How Nawon deals with the situation

“The pandemic occurs all over the world. And until now, there’s no one can say for sure when this situation will be controlled, we have to adapt to this. I want the customers to know that the situation is for all, not for any of them. It means that the cost increases in all products. Our materials are also going up every day. If you see any products with a low cost, they may be stocked. In the near future, business still continues, so the cost will all rise. As a result, it’s no need to delay the shipment. That’s my opinion.” Said Mr. Nolan.

Does Nawon have any discount for customers?

He also stated: “Firstly, we really understand the customers’ situation. But as mentioned before, we are also the customers of other companies, the materials are affected to be higher. Therefore, reducing prices is impossible now. Instead, we focus on the promotion such as free gifts, posters, T-shirts to customers. It helps the brand image develop and the market share increase.”

For more details about the promotion, you can contact us right now via email at .vn or our website


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