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Can Fruit Milk Be A Substitute For Fresh Milk?


Today, as consumers are more conscious about the products they consume every day, plant-based products are gradually replacing many people’s meals. Especially those with a vegan lifestyle. Among them, milk is an indispensable processed beverage. The question is, can fruit milk be a substitute for regular milk? Let’s see the answer


1. Is fruit milk really milk?

“Not just milk”, “ingredients of milk and juice”, “a harmonious combination between real milk and real fruit” … help provide a great source of nutrition.

Those are the beautiful advertisements of many brands of fruit milk available in the market.

Fruit milk” can be a bit ambiguous, as it can refer to different beverages with varying compositions. In some cases, it may contain actual milk, while in others, it might be a non-dairy alternative. Let’s explore the two main scenarios:

Milk with Fruit Flavoring: In some instances, “fruit milk” refers to flavored milk where fruit extracts or flavors are added to traditional dairy milk. In this case, it still contains milk as the primary ingredient but has additional fruit flavoring.

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Non-Dairy Milk with Fruit Additions: In other cases, “fruit milk” might be a non-dairy milk alternative (such as almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk) blended or mixed with fruits to create a fruity beverage. This version is dairy-free and suitable for individuals who are lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet.

It’s important to read the label or know the ingredients to understand what you’re getting with a specific “fruit milk” product. Always check if it contains actual dairy or if it’s a plant-based alternative. If you’re looking for a dairy-free option, you might want to choose a non-dairy milk like almond milk or coconut milk with added fruit flavors or sweeteners.

With a little attention, customers will pay attention to compare the ingredients of fruit milk and milk commonly used. While fruit milk and milk have almost equal market prices, their nutritional value for the body is not similar.


2. Fruit milk should be considered a refreshing drink only!

Many fruit flavors to choose from, delicious, low-fat, not bored, easy to drink, … so it is easy to understand when fruit milk is “loved” by both children and adults.


In terms of soft drinks, fruit milk is a nutritious drink with more benefits and nutritional value than soft drinks or bottled water.

However, compared to fresh milk, fruit milk is a skewed comparison. It will not be able to replace whole milk or powdered milk in the list of nutritional supplements.

Fruit milk, whether it’s flavored dairy milk or a non-dairy milk alternative blended with fruits, is often enjoyed as a refreshing and flavorful beverage. Many people appreciate it for its unique taste and the combination of fruity sweetness with the creaminess of milk or a milk substitute.

As a refreshing drink, fruit milk can be a delightful option, especially during warm weather or as a treat. It offers a variety of flavors, allowing individuals to choose combinations that suit their taste preferences.

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3. Can fruit milk be a substitute for fresh milk?

The answer is no. In milk, there are all the essential nutrients, important for the physical and brain development of children (protein, fat, calcium, vitamins, minerals, …), while fruit milk does not meet that demand.

Not to mention that raw milk itself also contains more abundant energy than fruit milk, which is very good support for the development of children’s body movements


If the baby doesn’t like milk, sometimes parents may change the taste of the baby with fruit milk, or add it to their baby’s beverage menu, but it is not appropriate to use it as a complete replacement.


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