Beverage Knowledge



1.Is fruit milk really milk?

“Not just milk”, “ingredients of milk and juice”, “a harmonious combination between real milk and real fruit” … help provide a great source of nutrition.

Those are the beautiful advertisements of many brands of fruit milk available in the market.

With a little attention, customers will pay attention to compare the ingredients of fruit milk and milk commonly used. While fruit milk and milk have almost equal market prices, their nutritional value for the body is not similar.

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2.Fruit milk should be considered a refreshing drink only!

Many fruit flavors to choose from, delicious, low-fat, not bored, easy to drink, … so it is easy to understand when fruit milk is “loved” by both children and adults.

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In terms of soft drinks, fruit milk is a nutritious drink with more benefits and nutritional value than soft drinks or bottled water.


However, compared to fresh milk, fruit milk is a skewed comparison. It will not be able to replace whole milk or powdered milk in the list of nutritional supplements.


3.Fruit milk is milk or a refreshing drink?

In milk, there are all the essential nutrients, important for the physical and brain development of children (protein, fat, calcium, vitamins, minerals, …) while fruit milk does not meet that demand.


Not to mention that raw milk itself also contains more abundant energy than fruit milk, which is very good support for the development of children’s body movements

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If the baby doesn’t like milk, sometimes parents may change the taste of the baby with fruit milk, or add it to their baby’s beverage menu, but it is not appropriate to use it as a complete replacement