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A Guide to Beverage Formulation For New Beverage Brand


The beverage formulation plays a decisive role in the success of a beverage brand. Creating the perfect drink for your target customer’s taste, it’s not just about mixing a delicious recipe, it’s about understanding the science and practice behind the drink recipe. The right recipe is essential to creating a delicious, nutritious, safe beverage.


What is a beverage formulation

Beverage formulation is the process of creating a recipe for a beverage. This involves choosing ingredients, proportions, and processes to create a drink that meets the desired specifications.

Beverage formulations are important in the food and beverage industry because they ensure consistency in quality and flavor between batches. They can be very different depending on the type of drink.

Beverage formulation is a science-based process. It requires knowledge of the interaction between ingredients and understanding how those interactions will affect the final product. 

This scientific knowledge is combined with creativity and experience to formulate recipes for new and innovative beverages. The creative aspect comes into play when developing new flavor profiles and mouthfeels.

During beverage formulation, a beverage manufacturer will:

  • Develop a product specification sheet
  • Source ingredients and prepare nutrition facts
  • Submit all paperwork required by the FDA and other regulatory bodies
  • Conduct stability testing
  • Scale up the recipe from grams to pounds and gallons
  • Optimize the production processes and prepare batching instructions
  • Create a packaging design and labeling
  • Beverage manufacturers may work with food scientists, chemists, nutritionists, and other experts to develop unique recipes and products. Engineers and production staff also help ensure that the products can be produced at scale and meet all safety and quality standards.

How to create your beverage formulation

You want to start your beverage business, you have a drink recipe idea, and want to develop it. Here are 2 ways for you:

Build your beverage company

If you plan to start your own beverage business and own a product research and development department, work with them on beverage recipes. This method is suitable for businesses with capital and experience in business and production in the food and beverage industry. However, not everyone can do this. Starting a beverage manufacturing business requires a lot of complex machinery.


Beverage formulation company

A beverage mixing company is a business that specializes in developing and creating drink recipes for customers. These companies often have expertise in mixing a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and functional drinks. This could be a company that only provides product formulation development services, or it could be a beverage manufacturer that both distributes its products and offers this service – Like Nawon Food and Beverage

Here’s what a beverage company can offer:

Mixology Services

They develop custom beverage recipes tailored to customer specifications, preferences, and target markets. This includes selecting ingredients, determining ratios and optimizing the taste, texture and nutritional content of the beverage.

Ingredient Sourcing

Beverage mixologists can assist customers in sourcing high-quality ingredients for their recipes. They have access to a network of suppliers and can help customers find ingredients that meet their quality, cost and sustainability requirements.

Product development

 In addition to formulation, some companies offer comprehensive product development services, which may include prototype development, sensory testing, shelf-life studies and packaging design. packaging.

Regulatory compliance

Beverage companies are knowledgeable about food safety regulations and labeling requirements. They ensure that formulations comply with relevant regulatory standards and provide guidance on labeling and packaging compliance.

Scale up production

After perfecting the formula, beverage mixing companies can help customers scale up production for commercial production. They can provide guidance on manufacturing processes, equipment selection, and quality control measures.

Consulting and expertise

Beverage companies often have teams of food scientists, chemists and industry experts who can provide consulting services and technical expertise to customers. They can provide advice on market trends, product positioning and distribution strategies.

Overall, beverage mixologists play an important role in helping customers turn their beverage ideas into reality by providing expertise in formulation, product development, compliance regulation and expansion of production scale. They serve a diverse range of customers, including entrepreneurs, startups, established beverage brands and contract manufacturers, looking to develop new and innovative beverage products. 

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