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Never tried dragon fruit juice before? Start with these 5 Brand


Dragon fruit is known as a “super fruit” because of the benefits it brings to human health, such as helping to fight chronic diseases, fight cancer cells, and improve the digestive system… If you cant not enjoy fresh dragon fruit. Below are 5 quality dragon fruit juice brands for you to try because of the fresh taste and great health benefits that dragon fruit brings.

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Sambazon dragon fruit juice

Sambazon’s dragon fruit juice has a distinctive flavor, a combination of mixed berries and ginger creating a delicious, organic, and dairy-free beverage. Added with good Prebiotic fiber (11% RDV per serving) to support gut health and Adaptogens from Reishi mushroom (100mg Reishi mushroom extract per serving) to help reduce stress and improve liver and kidney function… Brings balance and refreshment to the body.


Nawon 100% Red Dragon Fruit Juice with Pulp

Nawon’s 100% red dragon fruit juice with pulp offers a perfect and authentic red dragon fruit experience. Produced from fresh dragon fruits grown in Vietnam – the country with the world’s leading dragon fruit export output. Nawon Food and Beverage is a kudos dragon fruit juice manufacturer, this company also provides agents and distributors of beverages with many high-quality juice drinks. The common point of Nawon’s products is the freshness of the ingredients and the high quality of each product.

Including the pulp adds interesting texture, enhancing the overall drinking experience. The juice is smooth and rich, retaining the essence of fresh dragon fruit. It stands out as a pure and unadulterated choice for those who want to enjoy the taste of 100% fresh dragon fruit.

Red Dragon fruit juice wholesale - 500ml can

Welch’s Dragon Fruit Mango Juice 

Welch’s Refrigerated Dragonfruit Mango Fruit Juice Drink is a unique, delicious blend of sweet, exotic dragonfruit and rich, juicy mango flavors The juice maintains Welch’s commitment to quality, delivering a delightful and accessible dragon fruit option. It strikes a balance between sweetness and the unique dragon fruit taste, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of consumers.


M&S Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Juice

Marks & Spencer’s Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Juice is a creative blend that combines the sweetness of strawberries with the exotic touch of dragon fruit. This unique combination creates a harmonious flavor profile that is both refreshing and satisfying. The juice is well-balanced and caters to those looking for a fruity twist in their beverage choices.

m&s strawberry and dragon fruit juice

Snapple Elements Fire Dragon Fruit Juice

Snapple’s Elements Fire dragon fruit juice delivers a light and refreshing dragon fruit experience. Snapple Elements Fire is all-natural, contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and contains 10% real fruit juice. What’s even better is that the water bottle is recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic, excluding the cap and label. This juice is for those who enjoy a more adventurous and active taste, making it an outstanding choice among dragon fruit drinks.


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