Beverage Knowledge


nawon factory
There are total 10 production lines: 4 aluminum can lines, 3 PET bottle lines, 2 Glass bottle lines and 1 PP bottle line. All these 10 production lines are equipped with modern technologies to ensure the best quality products. Such products can be mentioned as: fruit juice, coconut water, aloe vera drink, coconut milk, energy drink, etc.
Production capacity: With 10 production lines. Nawon can meet all the needs of customers with an output of up to 300 containers per month. In case of necessity, the production can be increased with a maximum output of 500 containers per month.


Nawon has a total of more than 500 employees including production staff and office staff. All production staff are thoroughly trained in food hygiene and safety plus knowledge of production hazards. So will meet the highest quality standards of customers. Sales staff have solid customer service so that they can provide customers with the best consulting service. Ensure the highest satisfaction from customers.